Why Was Invisalign Trending on Twitter?

Sioux City IA Clear BracesOn Wednesday, August 9, there was an unexplained increase in the references to Invisalign on the popular social media network called Twitter.

No one is clear how the trend started or why people were suddenly talking about Invisalign. But the short-lived fad proved amusing. Folks were referencing Invisalign for no reason at all other than to keep the joke going.

If you don’t use Twitter and have never heard of Invisalign, then you may understandably be confused.

Twitter is a social media platform through which anyone can comment on recent news events and other trending items.

But what is this “Invisalign” reference everyone was laughing about?

Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure which has taken off in popularity in recent years. It’s a system in which someone wears a clear retainer-like tray that conforms to their teeth. This tray is built to fit snugly around teeth that need to be moved.

After the teeth move to adjust to the shape of the tray, it’s time to move on to the next aligner which is also just a little bit different. As the patient goes through the series of trays, their teeth slowly adjust.

Invisalign has proven to be a favored option over traditional braces because it:

  • Is not highly visible
  • Is removable for easy cleaning of trays and teeth
  • Can be taken out for meals

Teens and adults of all ages who need orthodontic treatment really are talking about Invisalign! It’s far more than an obscure Internet phase.

If you’re interested in getting your teeth straightened, you need to plan a visit to a Sioux City Invisalign dentist.

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