These 4 Habits Could Turn Your Invisalign Braces Into a Nightmare

These four habits could ruin your Invisalign treatment and negate all the good it’s supposed to do. 

1. Eating with your Invisalign trays in. 

You may be tempted to sip on drinks while wearing the trays, especially in social situations. 

Virtually everything you eat contains some kind of acid or sugar. If those substances are left trapped between your tray and teeth for hours at a time, you up your risk for decay and stain. 

2. Not cleaning your trays daily. 

This is often the biggest challenge and trap for Invisalign-wearers. After brushing your teeth, you don’t always want to take the time to clean your trays.

But not brushing and rinsing your trays daily will only let them accumulate bacteria and stains . . . which you just stick right back on your teeth. 

3. Wearing your Invisalign tray as a sports mouthguard. 

Invisalign cannot and will not protect your teeth from the impact of a blow during physical activity. You need a mouthguard designed for sports to protect your teeth, tongue, and jaw. 

4. Using Invisalign as a teeth bleaching tray.

Once Invisalign treatment is officially over, you can use your last aligner as a substitute for a whitening tray. That’s because it will comfortably fit your current tooth alignment and you won’t have the Invisalign “buttons” creating odd silhouettes on your enamel.

But in reality, Invisalign isn’t designed as a bleaching system. The trays conform very snugly to teeth, which could cause the whitening gel to leak out, irritating gums and unevenly bleaching enamel. 

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