The Top 3 Reasons why Adults Choose Invisalign

Jul 20, 2016

Invisalign orthodontics is the easiest way to straighten your teeth without braces. For adults, getting Invisalign is a clear advantage over conventional types of orthodontic treatment. Here are 3 reasons why our adult patients usually choose Invisalign with our Sioux City dentist:

1. You Can't See Them
It may go without saying, but Invisalign is the "invisible" leader when it comes to clear braces. In most circumstances, other people will never even know that you're wearing them. You can complete your entire journey to straighter teeth without the rest of the world knowing that you're an orthodontic patient.

2. You Can Remove Invisalign Whenever You Want
Since you can remove your clear aligners, you have the freedom to eat whatever you want. No dietary changes are necessary!

Plus, removable aligners make it easier for our adult patients to maintain their oral hygiene. You won't need any extra equipment to keep your teeth clean - just standard floss and a toothbrush. Your aligner can be brushed as well, so you'll never have to worry about food stuck between brackets.

3. They're Comfortable and Convenient
Not only are the smooth, plastic aligners more comfortable in your mouth - you don't need nearly as many trips as a traditional braces patient would. In fact, we send you home with the aligners well in advance, so that you change change them out every two weeks at home. You'll just see us every six to eight weeks to get your next batch of aligners and for us to monitor your progress.

Is Invisalign right for you? Schedule a visit with our Sioux City dentist to find out. New patients are always welcome and financing plans are available!

Posted on behalf of Dona W. Prince, DDS