Is Invisalign Very Expensive?

Sioux City IA Invisible BracesAs a metal-free alternative to braces, you might expect Invisalign to be cheap.

The alignment trays are made from polyurethane resins, which are safe and inexpensive materials. When you break down the bill for Invisalign, you’ll find that the cost of the trays themselves represent only a fraction of the price.

Why the added cost?

You aren’t paying for a couple of plastic trays so much as you are for the detailed care that goes into carefully redirecting each tooth. This process requires a lot of time, knowledge, and careful evaluation. The trays aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of approach - each new aligner is designed to meet the exact needs of every single one of your teeth.

There’s a lot of software and record-keeping involved with that process. A Sioux City Invisalign provider requires complex Invisalign lab services in every case.

Skilled providers also put lots of valuable time into correcting complex issues and planning treatment. The added time and behind-the-scenes planning impact the total cost of care.

Invisalign’s price factors in added overhead, time, and lab fees. In most cases, the cost of Invisalign is usually slightly more than conventional braces. How much you pay for Invisalign depends on how long you’ll need treatment. Longer cases tend to cost more than shorter ones.

Lastly, you’d find that your expenses can increase if you don’t comply with the home care required with Invisalign. That’s because non-compliance can slow down the process.

Yes, Invisalign is a bit of an investment. But it’s a smart one if you want to have a straighter and more beautiful smile!

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