Invisalign Announces New Option for Patients

For nearly two decades now, adults have been able to take advantage of Invisalign unique line of clear braces. Now there’s an even newer Invisalign treatment, and we’re not talking about Invisalign Teen. 

Invisalign has developed an alignment system with SmartTrack technology that they call the “G-series.” 

These aligners offer: 

  • Faster results, with visible improvement in your smile in as few as three months
  • As much as a 50% reduction in your overall treatment time
  • The same great, clear aligners as conventional Invisalign
  • A viable alternative to fixed fast or accelerated cosmetic braces 

Who Makes an Ideal Candidate for Invisalign G-Series? 

Cosmetic orthodontics and accelerated braces are typically reserved for people who want to correct the teeth that are visible when they smile. If you have a few crooked front teeth, but the rest of your bite is generally healthy, the SmartTrack G-series trays by Invisalign may be your best solution. 

Like traditional Invisalign, you can continue to remove your aligners during meals and for routine oral hygiene purposes. The flexible trays fit snuggly over your teeth, but are clear enough that they appear invisible to everyone around you.

Instead of changing your orthodontic trays out every two weeks, the SmartTrack design is meant to be changed on a weekly basis. Doing so with the traditional aligners could cause discomfort and unwanted bone changes, but the G-series are made of more flexible materials, which facilitates safe tooth movement in a shorter time span. 

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