How Do DIY Mail-Order Tooth Aligners Compare to Invisalign?

Sioux City IA Invisalign ProviderAt a fraction of the price of Invisalign, thousands of people feel send-away DIY aligners are the perfect solution to cosmetic alignment problems.

But savings aside, is it really worth it to straighten your teeth at home?

How DIY Tooth Aligners Work

A company who designs orthodontic aligners sends out a kit at the customer’s order. The customer follows the instructions to take impressions of their teeth.

These molds get sent back to the company where dentists supposedly associated with the brand make the measurements and designs. A ready-to-try-in set of orthodontic trays is sent back to the customer.

Does It Work as Well as Invisalign?

One company called SmileDirect provides aligners that don’t have teeth attachments like Invisalign does. Such aligners can correct only slightly tilted teeth.

SmileDirect claims they have to turn down cases that their aligners can’t correct. While not everyone qualifies for Invisalign either, there’s still a better chance it could work for you rather than a DIY aligner.

The Dark Side to At-Home Ortho

There is an element of danger to just sending away for a tooth aligner.

The issue is that these send-away ortho companies rely on pictures and molds of the teeth to make a diagnosis. There are no x-rays taken.

Only x-rays can reveal:

  • Tooth root positioning
  • Shape of the mouth
  • Depth and thickness of the bone

A qualified orthodontist knows how important it is to properly assess all these factors before moving teeth.

If you see a skilled provider, you’ll always have someone you can meet face-to-face to ensure safe treatment every step of the way.

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