Does Invisalign® Actually Work?

No one here at Dona W. Prince, DDS blames you for asking that question. Many patients have this idea that Invisalign® is only for minor cosmetic enhancement. If you want to be smart with your funds, then you're going to do your research before diving head-first into any new dental treatment.
Here's what you should know about how Invisalign® works. 

The Invisalign® Process
Invisalign® uses a series of clear BPA-free plastic trays to slowly coax your teeth into alignment. Once your teeth adjust to fit the current tray, you'll get the next one which is a little bit tighter. You'll get used to that one too, and on the process goes.
If worn as directed, this tray system has helped many patients see results in a matter of months.

Invisalign® – Is It Right For You?
In most cases, Invisalign® is a perfectly acceptable substitute for traditional braces for adult and teen patients. It's not the best option for young kids, however, if they need orthodontic treatment.
Some orthodontic cases may be beyond the scope of what Invisalign® is designed to deliver. For example, some teeth need to be physically pulled down into proper alignment. Invisalign® focuses mainly on straightening gapped and overlapping teeth.
The only way to know how Invisalign® will work in your case is to get off Google – and into a dental chair!

Invisalign® Treatment In Sioux City
Get the answers to all of your questions about Invisalign® right here at Dona W. Prince, DDS. Dr. Prince is a Preferred Invisalign® Provider, so she has extensive knowledge regarding how the system works. We invite you to find out more for yourself by scheduling a consultation.

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